Chakra Alignment With Crystals


Use the magic inside you to heal

Provide chakra alignment with crystals therapy

The world changed… It is time to use the magic that is within you  in order to heal yourself, getting to know your chakras and using the ancient tool of quartz will help you heal your patients, family or friends. If you are already a therapist, receive feedback on your techniques, if you are not one yet, it’s time for you to discover what is inside you.



1. Introduction to the history of energy.

2. What is ENERGY? 

3. Qualities of being and its patterns, behaviors and roles.

4.Origin, knowledge and identification.

5.Order of the chakras


6. What ‘’Chakras’’ are and their relationship with the environment.

7. What  ‘’Nadis’’ are and how they work along with the vital energy points.

8. How to align the chakras as a source of energy.


9. Alignment, healing and expanding methods.

10. The world of crystals, what they are and its synchrony with our energy.

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Course Information

Online – live

3 classes

4 hours

Sundays from 8 am to 12pm

In Person Mexico City

2 Classes

7 hours 

Saturdays from 10am to 5pm

Guarantees and endorsements

The courses and updates that we teach are registered in the private entity: Ibero American University of Human and Organizational Development. 

INSTITUTO MEXCOL manages the part of aesthetic, beauty and holistic medicine.

At  the end of your training practice, an evaluation of knowledge, abilities and skills will be applied, which is subject to the minimum score to obtain your certificate, which is issued directly by the university after INSTITUTO MEXCOL has evaluated and reported that the evaluation was approved for each attendee and whose registration can be validated by scanning the corresponding QR.

We give you 3 Certificates:

Certificate with international validity by the private entity: Iberoamerican University of Human and Organizational Development.

Proof by the STSP since we are external coaches and we have a record with the STSP to guarantee your hours of attendance and updating.

Proof of attendance and participation in the course issued by INSTITUTO MEXCOL .

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